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  •  Your call, but please know that many people are (5+ / 0-)

    "evolving" on this issue, and maintaining relationship/dialogue is how the evolution occurs.  My own parents were freaked out when I came out to them back in the 90s -- but then in 2011 they danced at my (same sex) wedding.  It was a slow process.  I could have "unfriended" them with just cause, on this issue, many times.  

    •  Glad to hear... (0+ / 0-)

      your parents eventually came around.

      I never had that problem. The people close to me are all supportive and always have been, so I'm lucky.

      So what does that leave, particularly on Facebook? People I know but haven't seen in years and don't really care about and people who I am connected to but have never met in real life.

      At this point, if knowing me isn't enough to persuade someone to support equality; if you truly still view me as inferior, then they are just not worth my time or attention.

      Simple as that!

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