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  •  That's right, (7+ / 0-)

    you're the one being oppressed here because someone dared disagree with a religious belief that has state sanctioned holidays, that is practiced by 80% of the population, that is the norm, and so on.  Oh man, those wicked atheists and their atheist privilege!  Christ.

    •  You're sadly (0+ / 0-)

      Unable to distinguish personal responsibility for civil conduct from societal behavior as a whole.

      by DAISHI on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 09:03:52 PM PDT

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      •  What does that even (0+ / 0-)

        mean?  It doesn't seem to me that anyone has done anything here but disagree with certain religious beliefs.  Every other walk of life allows for points and views to be contested:  law, science, business, medicine, etc.  Religion seems to be the only sphere where mere disagreement or voicing of disbelief is seen as somehow abusive and oppressive.  This is one of the central ways in which religious power and oppression functions in the United States.  We're told that these are private matters and that they are never to be questioned, yet somehow the religious are able to enshrine their views in public displays, law, structures of government, etc.  Your response to the rather mild disagreement in this threat reflects that attitude and a standpoint of Christian privilege that gets a free pass in our country.  I'm sure you'll now go and talk about how mean an atheist was to you-- and you know nothing of my religious beliefs --and how they're just as bad as militant fundamentalists.  What you fail to notice is that you were the one that spoke up here in a rather privileged and sanctimonious way and others merely responded to you lack of polite behavior, coupled with your refusal to reflect on your social and political privilege in the United States was what prompted this response.  Seriously, reactions like yours are as bad as white men whining about reverse racism and sexism.  Reflect a little and contemplate how you come off.  Additionally, remember what Jesus had to say about wearing your religion on your sleeve, praying in public, speaking about your beliefs in public, and so on.  You're behaving like a sanctimonious Pharisee, while others are having their rights taken away and their very lives attacked by those that call themselves Christians.  Maybe a little perspective and compassion is in order?  Maybe it's not all about you?  Maybe you should do a little less whining about how your feelings were hurt and a little more listening to others and thinking about where this hostility might come from?  Sheesh, talk about narcissism.

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