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View Diary: Utah Gun Lobbyist's Thermal Scope Assault Rifle Stolen From His Car (244 comments)

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    I mean, why wouldn't he report it in the first place? It doesn't matter if it's registered or not (and I am very curious what that means: Utah doesn't have a state registry for firearms, so with whom was the rifle registered?): he's not liable for any crimes committed with a stolen rifle.

    But he is out the money he spent on the rifle and (probably more expensive) the scope. If I were him, I would certainly report the loss of a gun to the police, both for public safety reasons and the possibility of either getting it back or having home/renter insurance cover the loss.

    Why automatically assume the guy is an asshole who wouldn't report a missing gun on the street if it weren't already registered? Do you know something personal about this guy to lead you to that belief? Or is it just antipathy toward someone who owns an AR-15?

    •  Register As Suppressed / Short Barrel / Automatic? (2+ / 0-)
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      eXtina, Hushes

      There are various things he could have done that require federal  paperwork, and if you're a rich goober for whom money and resale value is no object.......

      There’s always free cheddar in a mousetrap, baby

      by bernardpliers on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 02:45:33 PM PDT

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