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View Diary: Chiggers: WTF Are they? And What do You do About Them? (305 comments)

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  •  best thing for skeeter, chigger, bee stings, .... (9+ / 0-)

    ... bed bugs, chiggers, jellyfish, and did I mention mosquitoes?


    Ammonia, inside of a few minutes of the bites

    I used it when I kept bees. Now, when I mow the lawn, I often don't bother with bug spray. I get bit up by the mosquitoes (not really recommended as in many places you can get malaria or worse). Then, I jump in the shower with a bottle of ammonia. I rub it into the bites full strength, and then rinse that nasty stuff down the drain after 10 seconds. Often, it's like I never was bit at all, a half hour later.

    The bugs digest you with their acidic digestive juices and this seems to help.

    This probably only works for me as well as it does, because my lawn is small, and I haven't gotten West Nile disease, yet.

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