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    Most cars were of the more exotic type anyway, forget a clunker. There was someone there that had a sense of humor about it that we would see from time to time driving around. This person had an older Mercedes that was all beat up different colors of paint for the different body panels replaced. This was when the "car phone" was just arriving on the scene. This person had an old desk style telephone duct taped to his side mirror.

    I witnessed the police beating the crap out of two guys they had stopped. They had them down on the ground face down and just beating them. Cops in general back in those days had a definite reputation for being brutal. Did not want to get stopped if you could avoid it.

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      ...that "janky" is a relative term here. I owned a what was then a Chevy Sprint: two door little Japanese number, three cylinders, no A/C. It wasn't a BMW or even a Honda. So, here's janky. We'd go surfing there or go see Rocky Horror there, anyway, as well as have various fraternity events on occasion.

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      Newport Beach police had a certain reputation. Oh, I'll say it: they were Brownshirts, at least to us flatlanders.

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