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  •  what's "doing it well"? (3+ / 0-)

    Just do it, in whatever way works for you. Notice what feels better and what feels worse, and do more of what feels better (unless it involves large quantities of alcohol or other chemical substances, probably not a great idea). Cry and scream when you need to. No one else can judge what's "the right way" to grieve such a huge loss.

    •  That's almost exactly what I've said to others! (2+ / 0-)
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      SanFernandoValleyMom, diggerspop

      Grief is as individual as those who grieve.  Kubler-Ross had a great idea, but it's an idea, not engraved in stone!

      And it takes as long as it takes.  For some, it's months, for others--years.  It lessens, but it never truly leaves.


      We cannot call ourselves a civilised society if we refuse to protect the weakest among us.

      by The Marti on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 09:15:16 AM PDT

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