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  •  I think you're absoluly right (1+ / 0-)
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    Stephen Wolf

    Scott Reske would have been able to take a real run at Dan Burton, or perhaps even David McIntosh.  I also don't get why they drew the 5th and the 7th the way they did.  They made Andre Carson's district a little more Republican by taking away northern Marion County, and gave him more of very Republican southern Marion County, but these changes were not enough to make the 7th competitive for Republicans.  They could have done more to really pack Democrats into here.

    I also agree that the 5th was strangely drawn.  Still very Republican, but they left some Democratic areas -- the northern parts of Marion County (Washington and Lawrence townships are swing areas), the cities of Anderson and Marion (substantial black populations and a lot of blue collar, union voters) -- and some new types of people moving into Fishers and even Carmel.  They could have parceled at least some of these areas into even more Republican districts.

    Unfortunatly for our side, I think Susan Brooks is a pretty good politician.  We'll see just how conservative she is, but I think she's a pretty good fit for the district, and it would take her to make a mistake, or for us to have a more fire-bombing Republican (ala Burton) to run against.  It will be interesting to see what the map of this area looks like in 2022, as it continues to grow in population.

    •  The reason they didn't do all the above things (1+ / 0-)
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      Is that Mitch Daniels threatened to veto any egregiously gerrymandered maps. Of course, the legislature could have easily overrode it, but it would have been bad optics.

      They were quite successful with what they did anyway, though.

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