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View Diary: Jim Carrey: Fox News is a Media Colostomy Bag (168 comments)

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  •  Everything? Oh good grief. (0+ / 0-)

    No, they aren't. P&T's Bullshit! got it right most of the time. They did drop the ball on climate change, definitely. But I can't think of much else where they got it wrong.

    Unless you buy into the New Age woo, of course.

    •  Everything I've read from them... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Curt Matlock

      ...has been crappy libertarian apologia.

      Sometimes they come out against things that are genuinely bad, but only because they happen to be things that libertarians hate.

      •  Then you've only read selective things. (0+ / 0-)

        I watched all of the Bullshit! series, and they definitely got it right more often than not. Yes, they completely screwed up on climate change and second-hand smoke (and Penn later acknowledged both episode's faults). But they got so much more right.

        Here are some of the things they either debunked or championed on the show. Are you telling me they were wrong about these issues?

        -Debunked fraudulent psychics who bilk people out of money to contact dead loved ones.
        -Debunked pseudoscientific medicinal practices.
        -Debunked bottled water (even citing the environmental cost of all those bottles)
        -Attacked the diet fad and exercise fad industries for manipulating people for profit
        -Challenged the War on Drugs as the wasteful, violence-engineering con game it is
        -Criticized Creationism and attempts to teach it in school while showing that Evolution is indeed fact
        -Supported gay marriage while hammering the "Family Values" crowd for hypocrisy
        -Criticized people who spend millions of $$ on stupid, extravagant luxury items (the episode "The Best").
        -Slammed the Boy Scouts for being anti-gay and anti-atheist
        -Supported ending the Death Penalty, showing it was inhumane and ineffective.
        -Criticized abstinence-only sex education as useless and counterproductive
        -Attacked the anti-public breast feeding crowd as prudish  zealots
        -Supported humane immigration policies and slammed the Minute Men and other insane anti-immigrant groups
        -Criticized uber-patriotism and showed the negative consequences of national jingoism (Penn has publicly opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars all along)
        -Debunked the whole nostalgia for the "good old days," showing that the 1950s were not the halcyon days for most groups of people, esp. women and blacks.
        -Attacked the massive hypocrisy of the Vatican and skewered it for the child rape cover up.
        -Showed how "multi-level marketing" schemes are just a form of pyramid scams (not exactly Libertarian there!)

        So yeah, they got it wrong sometimes, but more often than not they were right, and in ways most progressives would cheer.

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