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  •  now we are getting some place Dio (0+ / 0-)

    but you still are twisting my words...  but truth is coming over the hill...  if you are not afraid and won't tear and run we can talk to her...

    yes I believe homosexuality is sinful because God said it...  that is true...  so stone me...  I also believe lying it, stealing and murder among lots others.  am i better than you...  i have and never would say that... God teaches that we are sinful even after the Cross of Christ...  The nature of a human is to give in to his or her passions...  

    I have done so in other ways and fight now to keep my passions under me.  

    I understand that many people dismiss God and I am accounted as a castaway.  I like you am in the minority especially in this country now a day.  But I will not go under ground.  If you are not afraid of the truth and will speak it you will admit that I have said nothing on this diary that is disrespectful or offensive except what has been written for 1000s of years.  I am not threatening or calling you out of your name.  

    I did the dairy not to be inclusive but to dialogue with you and say that I do understand what fairness and equality is.  And that fairness in taxes should be your right as well as benefits of job amenities...

    I am not afraid to stand before you and address your fierceness and anger...  when I was fighting for my civil rights some where around the 80s I began to realize that it was not the vocal kkkers I had to fear or worry about.  but those who kept their sheets and hoods hidden under the seat of their cars.  the ones sitting in the offices who made the decisions.  those on the streets marching were easy to deal with, just stay the hell out of their way and when you couldn't then you "got ready" cause they would let you know they were coming...

    I promise you that we could sit and sip coffee some place and we would not leave huffed up.  Why would we...  but at the same time I don't need any validation from you either...  i just have to live on the planet with you
    and a few other billion people.  

    I may not be deep, but I am very wide... Honree Balzac

    by meknow on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 09:15:52 AM PDT

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