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  •  Sticky aromatic cottonwood bits. (10+ / 0-)

    I'll have to go sniff the cottonwoods. I like resinous aromas.

    Got close up to some willow catkins recently, talk about sticky. I hadn't realized willows are insect pollinated til I looked it up. Their catkins look so much like our wind-pollinated ones, the alders and cottonwoods and such. They don't have a noticeable aroma to me, though clearly they must, to be attractive to bees and flies.

    "Pussy willow" stage and full bloom.

    pussy willows
    willow catkins
    Hope the parrots return. It's surprising how wild creatures can be in an urban environment. I saw a movie once about a flock of feral parrots in San Francisco. They interacted with the guy who made the movie because he provided food for a while, but I got the sense it was on the parrots' terms. They could take him or leave him, being essentially wild, and then left when he stopped. During the time they were around, he saw them enough to get to know their personalities, and they were clearly distinctive. Individuals, and intelligent. Such interactions provoke thoughts about how we relate to wildlife.
    •  Parrot flock in the hills around santa barbara (5+ / 0-)

      they are looked after by some parrot lovers, fed and watched over...SB Parrots and notice the flock mate: a Cooper's hawk! ?

      There was one green sumpinsumpinparrot that hung with the rock doves at the beach cliff west of here, he would get in the beachside cliff cave with them of an evening, they all are cooing quietly to each other and hoping no owls are nearby....
      "SQWAWKSQWAWKSQWAWK"  from the one green pigeon with the hooked bill. ('dude, chill, we're trying to be unnoticed here, please man, chill.')..a rough translation of the subsequent cooing...

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