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    First, it would do the Democratic Party well to start recruiting House candidates from local activists - idealists, if you will - as the Congressional Democratic Party could do with a deal less cynicism and "make a deal, any deal" mindset.

    Second, the Democrats must start rebuilding their bench in the South. Old bulls like Roy Barnes (D-GA) are just fine in and of themselves, but they don't answer the larger problems the Democrats face there. There are non-social issues that the Democrats could make a lot of headway on - Southerners are no fonder of megacorporations than anyone else, and economic populism has traditionally played well there - and to simply concede a quarter of the country to the GOP is no way to win.

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    by Australian2 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 01:36:55 AM PDT

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      Sometimes we tend to think that the Democratic party is not fighting the South, sometimes we tend to forget that states like Virginia, Florida and North Carolina are part of the South.

      I think this time the blue team has some good options from the South that will be profited. As example between the races where the Democratic Party is favored or at least will be competitive from this region we have:

      VA-Sen: M Warner
      FL-Gov: C Crist
      LA-Sen: M Landrieu
      GA-Sen: M Cleland
      SC-Gov: V Sheheen*
      NC-Sen: K Hagan
      AR-Sen: M Pryor

      And I think also SC-SenB can appear as competitive in future polls. I think it is not as bad position.

      Like you tell, the Democratic Party is finding a new ideological balance in this region, that is becoming succesful in some states. While the old schemes work I'm not against use them to win if it is possible, but also the new generation of successful Democrats in states like Virginia, Florida or North Carolina can be a good example for other Democrats from the South about how to work for improving their results.

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