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  •  We need to do the same to them, and soon (none)
    It pains me to say this, but Dems will have to play hard ball, get down and dirty with these dirtbags.

    And this rough play will have to begin as soon as the likely 08 candidates start to emerge. We must tear the meat off their bodies, we must expose every foul bone in their pox scarred souls.

    We're living in a changed world, the survival of our Democracy is at stake and we must meet these Rethuglican creatures under the rocks where they live.

    •  Please give this line a rest (none)
      I'm so tired of hearing "golly gee willakers, I really wish we could be nice, but we Democrats will now have to play hardball!".

      First, there's a difference between "playing hardball" and "lying our asses off."  They do both.  We only have to do the former.  If you're saying that you think we should blatantly lie and cheat, then you're saying we should stop being a party worth standing up for.  If you're just saying we need to be really tough, call them on all their lies, their hypocrisy, all the awful stuff they've done, then why on earth would it pain you to say that?

      •  Because the discourse will be ugly (none)
        Absolutely fucking not lie, cheat and steal. My problem is that Dems will have to fight on their turf, and the real issues facing working Americans will not be discussed and debated.

        Instead it will be a mudfight. And this is awful for our country. But we will have to do it.

        And it will go on like this into the indefinite future.

        Maybe we are headed for another Civil War. Don't know but it wouldn't surprise me.

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