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  •  Rope-a-dope, and I do mean "dope" (none)
    My problem with that whole episode was the rope-a-dope approach that the Kerry campaign took.  We saw that approach fail in the Gore campaign; what made the Kerry camp think it would work this time?  Clinton had the right idea:  when they bash you, you bash right back.  Don't just lean into the ropes, let them pound you, and hope they tire themselves out.  By the time the Kerry campaign responded, it was already too late; the damage had been done, permanently.

    The plain fact of the matter is that the materials in his official records would have put the Swift Boat Liars on the defensive as to their claims and eliminated a point of attack on Kerry.  No campaign-worthy purpose was served by not releasing the records.  He should have released them without reservation and challenged Bush to do the same with his military records.

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