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  •  We can see that (4.00)
    in the fact that AOL is right now running a prominent "news" story asking "Who's smarter, Bush or Kerry?"

    You're exactly right.

    •  Be that as it may.... (none)
      If that was the worry, then they should have been prepared to deal with that once it was released. A case could be made that Kerry has learned a lot since those days (bring in BCCI...) and that Bush has not (AWOL in Vietnam, AWOL on 9/11 reading my pet goat).  Most Americans wouldn't have cared about equivalent grades. The only way it would have mattered in the least would have been if Bush had better grades than Kerry.

      And, as is true in general with Vietnam service, what happened and what grades you got in the '70s is not nearly important as what is happening NOW.

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