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  •  Isn't It Time to Move On ? (none)
    Kerry ran an honorable campaign but just came up short, or so we are told.  Any campaign can be second-guessed after the fact and they all make mistakes of varying degrees.  It's time the grudges from the past primaries be buried and focus be put on winning in the future.
    •  OK, let's focus on the future. (none)
      To do that, you've got to learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them again in the future. What were the mistakes? What is the plan to avoid them?
      •  Mistakes and Cures (4.00)
        Kerry's Mistakes:

        1.  Voting for the IWR.

        2.  Not Responding Quickly Enough to the Swifties.  I think a lot of people thought they were a fringe group that would just be ignored.

        3.  Being unaware of Rove's stealth, under the radar GOTV operation in rural regions of Ohio.

        4.  Not having experienced election apparatchiks to get adequate voting machines to key Democratic precincts.


        1. I think he actually handled the IWR vote well in the debates.  In the end, I think it was a wash.

        2. I think he needed a pit bull VP candidate or other surrogate to come down on those Swifties like a ton of bricks.  Wes Clark would have given them a beat down, but many people thought that Kerry already had "national security" cred and that a fresh fce like Edwards was necessary.  (I was a Clarkie during primaries.) Kerry never had an Agnew or Dole as a bag man to do his dirty work during the campaign.  Lesson learned is to squash, totally demolish and obliterate smear groups.

        3.  Democrats often make a big show of their GOTV operations while the GOP acts quietly.  They know what we're doing while we're caught off guard.   The assumption is always that when there's high turnout, Democrats will win.  However, I've worked on campaigns, and Bush's past elections show, that Republicans know where their votes are and how to get them out.   I think some assumptions have to be reconsidered and that Dems need to be better aware of what the other side's ground ops are doing.

        4.  Dems need better people in the 'machine' operations.  What happened to Democrats in Palm Beach County in 2000 would never have happened in a Republican run county. It's who counts the votes that often determines the winner.  Someone has to study how it is that in Democratic counties that Democratic officials can't make sure they provide the proper operations to get our votes tallied.

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