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  •  Did you just read the article (4.00)
    John O'Neil said these made no difference.

    There was a crapload of stuff out there that would have shut the Swiftboat guys up if the media was doing there job. They were going to do no such thing. I saw everyone of those guys trip themselves the few times anyone in the media questioned them. They were not going to do so because they wanted to keep it going?

    Question: how many of you harping on this believed the Swiftboat guys? None. This is nothing more then an arrogant assumption on your parts of what you THINK other people (whom you probably think are fools anyway) that there was enough people who were innocently fooled by John O'Neil that would have been swayed by this action?

    Bullshit. The people who were cheering on the Swiftvets did not give a crap about Kerry's record DURING Vietnam, but his record after it. And the only reason you guys are harping on this is so you can have a fresh excuse to say "Fuck John Kerry", without looking like a bunch whiny harpies who don't have anything new to add to this topic.

    And all the while all your doing is keeping Kerry's name fresh in people's minds. That's the truly funny part about it.

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