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  •  *Ahem* *Cough* *Sniff* (4.00)
    failing miserably

    "But a comparison of Dean's first three months as chairman shows that he has actually out-raised his predecessor during the same period in 2003. Dean raised $14.8 million between February and April (the latest data available), versus $8.5 million during that period in 2003, the previous non-election year. Additionally, the DNC has raised more in comparison to the RNC over the past three months than it did during 2003."

    Later in that article you'll notice that he has almost doubled the amount of availible funds availible than what was availible this time last year. From 3.9 mil(last year) to 7.2 mil (this year).

    Don't forget that Dean didn't take over until February.

    I think he'll be ok.

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