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  •  See above... (none)
    It doesn't kill the story, it prolongs it and creates a new one that ties into the image they painted for him in '04.
    •  And How Does This Bashing Tie In? (4.00)
      I think we lost for about 45 reasons.
      Listing them all would take a diary.
      But one of those reasons is that Democrats, and I am among them, could not really get over themselves to figure out that they could unequivocally support Kerry.
      Yeah like most of you I adopted a very dogmatic support for him.
      He wasn't my first choice.
      I championed him.
      But at heart I don't think I allowed myself to really believe in him.
      Not the why Bushists believed in their man (let's not even get into how wrong they are, the point is that they have that belief and its a powerful thing).

      When I really took stock of Kerry AFTER the election I realized exactly how much we lost out on.
      He'd still not be my first choice for president and no way am I campaigning for him by saying it... But I do BELIEVE in him now.

      Manifestly failing to believe in the guy we all said we believed in makes US look like liars and flip-floppers.
      Nevermind Kerry.
      If people are going to vote Democrat in no small part that means voting for all of us, too.
      That's something we need to realize.
      When they look at Bush and report back that they see strength, resolve, etcetera, they obviously aren't seeing Bush, and they can't all be insane.
      So what are they seeing?
      They are seeing the people backing him up.

      Now of course we can't compete with the blind faith that is the hallmark of the right wing.
      All I am asking is that on balance, you realize how much it undermines the Dem Party to say, look, our choice, the guy we told you to save the country, well maybe he wasn't a war criminal but he was definitely piss poor in this or that regard.

      That's bad, right there.
      Bad on Kos's part, bad on the part of the poster's here who for all the world look like they'd kick their aged grandmother if she botched a batch of her famous potato salad at the family reunion.

      •  Then... (none)
        I think we lost for about 45 reasons.
        Listing them all would take a diary.

        Do it.  We may all be able to learn something from it, which I think is the point of what some of the people on here are trying to do.  Yes, some are just bashing Kerry, mainly because they're upset about what happened last year.  It was a tough beat, and we're all a little sensitive at this point.

        Note: I'm not among the crowd bashing Kerry and his entire campaign.  I just think this particular instance could've been played better CURRENTLY, not just then.

        By the way, fantastic passion in that message, NewDirection - if we could all have that kind of passion and get it all focused in one direction, I think we'd be unstoppable.  You get a 4 from me for that.

      •  I agree with you (none)
        I really believed in Kerry and still do. But I don't for the life of me get how people are supposed to trust Democrats if we act like someone's great until November 2nd, and then turn on him like a school of piranhas. Do Democrats think people won't notice that the guy we said was so great is suddenly hated and reviled? Do they think people won't draw conclusions about whether Democrats mean what they say?
        •  Yeah If You Listen To Half The People (4.00)
          On this site, Carter is a wet dishrag with no "equipment," Mondale a chimney sweep who got too fat and didn't even apply for another job for several decades until his presidential campaign, Dukakis a crackhead too weak to push a shopping cart.

          There is such a thing as taking the "don't criticize the candidate" thing too far. That message comes across as well widely and probably makes our advocacy hard to swallow during campaigns. But the tendancy to pounce on the candidate after the fact, in addition to no doubt discouraging some potential candidates (Gore comes to mind), is the worst advertisment. I wonder how much it is a function of pent up frustration from the bite-your-tongue campaign mode.

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