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  •  Who cares??? (none)
    Who is doing more for what we need in this country right now, Howard Dean or John Kerry??  Howard Dean in a walk.  If you can't get it through your head that John Kerry was a stupid choice made with our heads and not our hearts, then you shouldn't vote in the next primary.  Dean would have kicked the hell out of Bush purely on the "gut-level" reaction of most Americans once they saw him on the stump and in the debates.  Bush beat Kerry because he was quotable and refused to admit mistakes.  Dean would have beat Bush because he's even blunter and admits mistakes.
    •  Who gave you the right... (none)
      to decide who gets to vote or not? Who do you think you are a Republican? A Diebold employee?

      It's great to have an opinion, debate, argue, etc. but telling people they should not be allowed to vote is a bit over-the-top don't you think? Especially given the fact that so many Americans were denied their right to vote in the past election. So, sorry if you don't like it, but I will keep voting, and keep fighting for the right of every American to vote.

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