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    Which underlines a core distinction between Bush and Kerry:

    Bush used his father's connections to avoid the draft and keep himself out of Vietnam. Kerry didn't. He joined (actually "applied and was accepted into" is more accurate) the Naval Reserve to avoid the draft. He didn't use any connections to do this (not that he had them). And of course it didn't keep him out of Vietnam. It only gave him some control over what he did in Vietnam.

    Likewise, Bush used his connections to get into Harvard. Kerry didn't, and was perfectly happy to go to B.C. He didn't want something he didn't earn on his own merits.

    IMHO, this kind of thing could have been exploited. I guess the campaign thought that the vast chasm between the influence wielded by Bush's father (and junior's willingness to take advantage of it--this is a core "values" thing) and the total lack of influence at the disposal of Kerry's father was too fine a point for the electorate to grasp. What a shame!

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