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  •  LA Times clarifies (none)
    Okay, I see now what Kos latched onto. There is one, repeat ONE, additional page that the Navy has now found. That is the first page of Joseph W. Streuli's fitness report on Kerry. But we already had the second page of that report which heaps praise on Kerry. So having the first page is nice and makes everything more orderly, but it doesn't add anything substantial to the debate.

    For more info about Streuli's report, see my site on John Kerry's Vietnam medals

    I need to revise the downloads on the site to make up for all the dead links to Kerry's campaign site (they have removed all the old PDFs). I will do it when I get the complete set of documents from this new release. In the meantime, I have posted a "beta" version of the fitness reports PDF that I will use--that that it does not have the new page and it is rather large, 8.8 MB: FitnessReports.pdf .. For now, this is exclusive to Daily Kos!

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