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  •  I once interviewed with a principal (2+ / 0-)
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    annetteboardman, ER Doc

    to whom I asked this very question. She replied, "93 percent." Even when I tried to clarify that I was asking what kind of work should earn an A, what the definition of top-quality work should be, she simply reiterated her answer, "93 percent." I unilaterally terminated the interview at that point and left. I had no desire to work for such a small-minded person.

    In my grading philosophy, an A means you exceeded expectations on most measures. Actually, I don't even like letter grades; I prefer minus, equal and plus marks (fell short of expectations, met expectations, exceeded expectations), with a separate mark for every criterion being graded. Thus, on a writing assignment, a student in a regular class might get a B, but a student in my class might get pluses in ideas, voice and word choice and equals in organization, sentence flow and mechanics. (I consider a plus to be equivalent to an A, equal to be equivalent to a C and minus to be equivalent to an F. There is no B or D in my system, except as an average of other scores. If you surpass expectations, you get full plus credit.)

    I think this system is both simpler and more honest than conventional letter grades, but the pushback I got from parents and administrators was ferocious and dispiriting. Yet another reason I'm kind of glad I washed out of teaching.

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    by Geenius at Wrok on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 05:42:51 AM PDT

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