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    I'm a long-tenured professor at a liberal arts college. My own "standards" are fairly traditional, and though while the average grade in my courses is long longer a "C" only about 5% in a given semester earn "A" grades. Given our emphasis on personal attention and quality instruction (and my own on never giving exams, but only essays) a student would really have to try to earn a grade lower than a B- since every assignment longer than three pages comes with drafts, feedback, and opportunities for revision. But an "A" grade to me still means what it says in our catalog: "exceptional."

    I've worked at places where the standard has been expressed as "C=write like a student," "B=write like the professor," and "A=write better than the professor." That's not realistic for most schools though. In practice, at least at places that emphasize an interactive learning process, I think the average grade is going to end up in the low "B" range. But we can still make the expectations for earning an "A" rigorous as there is always room for improvement and even the best students need something to strive for in class.

    "Take it easy-- but take it!" --Woody Guthrie

    by Mr Green Jeans on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 07:00:25 AM PDT

    •  Pretty much my average (0+ / 0-)

      Although I do end up with 10-15% As, the average in almost every class is a low B.  More Bs than Cs, more Cs than As, and usually fewer Ds than As (although there have been problem classes...).  Few Fs.  It takes abdication to get an F.  Usually.  I have been known to not round up to a D when a student is really angry about the grade he or she has earned.  

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