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    I hope this shows that a far cry from all Texans are crazy- uber- right -wing nut- jobs. I've been saying for some time there is huge dissatisfaction with the Republican party here in Texas, particularly with Gov.Perry and other extremists. This article hilights the fact that even many christians and republicans feel like Perry crossed the line with the showy in your face anti-seperation event, and few Texans except the most fanatical republicans fail to realize that our republican led congress (first in 120 years, i allways like to ad that) has done nothing for our state but bankrupt us while putting us on a downhill slide to the worst the U.S. has to offer in terms of government.
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      Personally, I see this as a warm-up for the rest of the nation. If it can be stopped in Texas, we're all spared from theocracy. If not, let the camps begin.
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      thanks for the field work.  People, and sadly I have to include a great many of our blue state brothers and sisters here, simply do not compute that there are droves of dissatisfied, disenfranchised Texans.  It's easier, I guess, for them to believe that the entire state down to a person is in lockstep behind the Rs.  They see DeLay, they villify him, but they have not been overtaken, surrounded, robbed, beaten, and raped by him, Craddick, TRMPac, et al the way that each and every disenfranchised Dem voter in Texas has.

      And witness Perry:  a sitting governor with a 38% percent approval rating,  fresh from piloting the worst Lege session ever, one which virtually every Texas newspaper editorial board in the state graded a resounding F, with KBH swooping in on the horizon calling for a special session to clean up his  lack of leadership on school finance reform, surrounding himself with religious extremists in this ritulized publicity stunt, after which he urges GLBT citizens to leave the state, saying the "people of the state had spoken," a blatant falsehood, since the constitutional election isn't till the fall.  Not that I have any illusions the ban won't be passed, but this stunt, like both these bills, aren't about a grass roots mandate from the people of the state of Texas, they are about Republican politicians and their agenda.

      Has any sitting governor of any state EVER publically cast law abiding citizens out of their own state?

      "A psychotic drowns in the very same stuff a mystic swims in."
      Pema Chodron

      by jeebs on Tue Jun 07, 2005 at 09:24:22 AM PDT

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