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View Diary: IA-04: What are the Issues in the 4th Congressional District? - Congressman Steve King's District? (9 comments)

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    King won the old 4th handily and I'm happy to say that my side of the 4th did our damnedest to get Vilsack elected.

    Iowa State is not only Ag, but a lot of everything, more so since UNI scaled back. That's 30,000+ young people. The democratic organization did a pretty good job of making sure those kids voted (both my daughters attend) It can be a strong place.

    Mason City, almost at the Minnesota border is also pretty progressive.

    So join that with Council Bluffs and Sioux City and I think we've got a chance.

    Please let King run for Senate--even if he can run for both positions at the same time, the more people who just face palm every time something comes out of his mouth, the better.

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