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  •  I used to fear flying (13+ / 0-)

    and got sick of it, because I knew intellectually there was little danger but couldn't convince my animal brain.  So I learned as much as I could about how airliners worked, and my fear went away.  I have no idea how empirical facts could turn off my animal fear, but there you go.  

    I recently got to pay it forward by helping out a frightened woman on a flight.  She said she was scared of the engines, of their power, of a fire or explosion.  I explained to her that only about 10% of the thrust comes from the "fire" part.  90% of the thrust, I explained, is from the fans in front which are turned by the power provided by the "fire".   I drew a diagram on a napkin to help out visually.  I told her to think of them as great big household fans, blowing us along.  That calmed her down, and I think she enjoyed the rest of the flight (after I explained why "the back of the wing was falling off"... i.e. the flaps were down for takeoff).  Did I do good, Major Kong?

    I love all of your diaries and find them immensely entertaining and informative.  Thank you for sharing them with us!

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