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  •  you don't stormproof (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    but you have to have enough crews that you can fix a major outage in 72 hours.

    You have to size the work force and the spares such that you can model a Cat 3 hurricane blowing into your area and you can replace all your High Voltage grid towers and wires in 72 hours and you can get secondary grid up in ten days and you can get all your customers back up in 21 days.

    So that means you need to stormproof your baseload generation and you probably want to stormproof your peaker plants ut you need to be able to replace 100 miles of 750KV towers in a day.  

    When Maine had big ice storms, they got the national guard to chopper in towers intact and they borrowed crews from all over the east coast.  

    if Hurricane Andrew hit Philidelphia you need to be able to get power to critical services within 72 hours, you want comms, police, hospitals, Fire departments and shelters up and running ASAP.

    then you work outwards, fixing road systems, water systems, trains,

    and then you have to get power to Gas Stations, pharmacies, banks, grocery stores,  big apartment buildings,,,,,


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