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View Diary: Utilities on Solar & Distributed Power "€œIt's a potential threat to us over the long term" (307 comments)

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  •  i suspect any nuke station (2+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, melo

    without a funding commitment in 2 years will never get built.

    The compounded price drop in PV is something spectacular, and if we see the trend continue in wind turbines, i think the
    renewable industry will just dominate.

    I saw a chart that back in the 70's a PV array was $75/watt,
    jsut for cells,  now we are 60 cents/watt and that's for modules.  

    The real costs are now people driven, and as jurisdictions continue to learn, these costs will decline.  

    Any financier who is not aware of the danger faced by their investments will soon be out of the business.

    I am optimistic this change will happen soon, wether it's soon enough to protect the polar caps is unknown.

    •  No new nukes will (2+ / 0-)
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      patbahn, melo

      come on line, and those filthy antiques we've already got will steadily diminish by attrition or sudden sanity. Not one commercial reactor in this country has ever come in on time or on budget, and it's been 30+ years since new ones were even a twinkle in any utilities magnate's eye. The less than handful of new ones recently ordered have already more than doubled in cost and they haven't really gotten started building yet. Every year that goes by adds another ~700 tons of high level waste per plant, and they still don't have a safe place to put it during the 250,000 years or so that it'll remain deadly to humans and other living things. Which is longer, just so you know, than modern humans have existed on this planet.

      GE's getting out of the business altogether, even Exelon's recently ex-CEO admits nukes make zero economic sense. The money's tight - by design - and what there is of it is going into renewables.

      Apart from the nuke's usual annual lion's share of goodies from the gub'ment teat, that is. Without which the industry wouldn't exist at all. There's about $50 billion a year that could be cut from the budget over the next couple of decades if the pols were serious about deficit control. Or it could be re-invested wisely in decentralized kinetic energy sources and solar, modernization of the grid. Which right now loses up a third of the electricity that does get generated, any source.

      But just as drug decriminalization won't happen so long as there's dirty money to be made in cartels and drug wars, energy independence won't happen so long as there's money to be made from fossil fuels and their associated wars.

      We the people will just have to do it anyway, without them.

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