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    if she was really liberal all along and she masterfully played her audience. Probably not, but if you want to promote your ideas and change minds, the way she went about it is a brilliant strategy if purposeful.

    -If your goal is to change minds, then you have to appeal to people who don't think like you. You can only do that if they trust you.

    -It's also been shown that people are much more accepting of incremental changes. Anything that really contradicts core self-identity provokes a defensive reaction and denial.

    Solution: Build up your "target" audience by pretending to be one of them. Slowly introduce your real positions over a course of (many) years. Take your audience along with you, gently pulling them to your side.

    The other possibility is she saw her readership changing and went with them to keep her readership up, but I like the subversive culture warrior idea better :)

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