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View Diary: A Shout-Out to "Dear Abby" (47 comments)

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  •  That's because the movie is pro-CHOICE!!!! (2+ / 0-)
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    The idea that pro-choice forces are "pro-abortion" is an anti-choice fallacy.

    We are pro-choice, not "pro-abortion," and we support women who CHOOSE to give birth as well as those who CHOOSE to abort.

    The real hero of "Citizen Ruth" is the biker who (not unimportantly) works for the pro-choice couple. He says that he'll pay Ruth 15,000 dollars if she goes ahead with the abortion. He doesn't actually want to pressure her to have an abortion, but he wants to balance the scales back to her choice about her future after he hears that the anti-choice crowd is willing to bribe Ruth with 15,000 dollars if she forgoes the abortion. "I just want you to have your choice back."

    Yes, the movie makes fun of both sides, but what is more "pro-choice" than saying both choices (aborting or giving birth) are equal in some sense (even if they're equally ridiculous)... :-)

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