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  •  That's not really a good reason though. (8+ / 0-)

    Whether or not God exists and whether or not this god created gay people "that way", are both utterly and completely unrelated to the question of whether the law should treat them as equals to everyone else.  They should be treated equally regardless of what any particular religion has to say on the issue.

    Just as wrong as it is to use religion to be bigoted, it is also wrong to use religion as the argument for why NOT to be bigoted.  (Because doing so creates the implication that were it not for religion, bigotry would be okay.)  The reasons for bigotry being wrong are completely derivable from entirely secular principles, and when talking about laws, should be.

    When the reasons for being a decent human being become solely dependent on religion in people's minds it creates a dangerous house of cards.  There are lots of good logical intellectual reasons for people to deny the truthfulness of religion and you don't want them to also become selfish pricks at the same time when they do so, like Ayn Rand did.

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