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View Diary: To lose my Best Man on Easter Sunday (66 comments)

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  •  better off without him. good riddance. (6+ / 0-)

    i too let go of a 20+ friendship back a couple years ago during the Komen debacle.

    I don't miss him.

    But he did call me about a year later. He works for Verizon and they were on strike at the time. He admitted that he was angry about that. Then admitted that the girl he was banging ( who meets guys outside the liquor store) turned up pregnant and they, lo and behold, ended up seeking information about the morning after pill from, gasp! planned parenthood. Since she doesn't have a sweet union job with health benefits.

    I was like. "Hm. Imagine that. well, bbye, now. I hope the Verizon strike works out for you. Me and all my libtard friends are fighting for you and your teabag-self to keep your benefits. You can thank  us later." click.

    Good riddance. You're better off without him. there is NO benefits, exactly ZERO, of staying friends with stupid ignorant people. These days, ignorance is 100% willful. Someone who remains ignorant in this day and age has a deep character flaw because they are OPTING for stupidity.

    Ain't nobody got time for that. Here: have a smile courtesy of the world renowned Sweet Brown.

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