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View Diary: Re: NRA's Worse Nightmare: Gun Confiscation. Why Hasn't it Happened Yet? (101 comments)

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  •  Another Cal DOJ fumble reported in the LA Times (0+ / 0-)

     yesterday or saturday, was that the state, that would probably be the Calif DOJ I talked about up a few comments, the DOJ just found out that the ankle bracelets they put on about 7000 released offenders....don't work.

    They were made by the low bidder, GE, and failed 45 of 110 tests they are required to meet.
         This was problem was discovered after being reviewed after the constant complaints by the second and losing bidder....that the various ways the bracelets systems have of preventing tampering or hiding the signal failed.

    The state DOJ declared this an emergency, went or brought in all these 7000 parolees, sex offenders, gang members, criminals all, and swapped the ankle monitors for the second bidder's product.

      Again with this ordinary citizen's questions:
      At what cost monetarily...
    and at what cost in terms of re-offense and dis-respect for the system?....because the only way these work is for the offender to believe, pre-offense...or maybe call it pre-re-offense, that they believe they are actually being monitored and they better not do The Thing They Were Impelled To Do...which in some criminals is a very strong thing to fight.

      The second bidder that got GE's systems cut off was, IIRC, the one that kept ratting out the system til the DOJ had to do something...this IIRC was not discovered and dealt with by the DOJ. IIRC.

    Look for it in the LA Times for better, heh, better details that I can recall from mornings readings and memory.

    So this is another thing in the wider issue of the Calif DOJ/government and their systems protecting us...or not.
      The point: they don't have the money to do much at all but react to politics, to complaints from the money, or the politics. And no, of course they aren't coming for your guns...unless you are an ex-felon in illegal possession.

    This was the issue in a Cal DOJ/county sheriff raid, they mobilized the whole area SWAT, other agents, evidence trailers, the bomb squad, city police, dogs, and this whole caravan gathered and coordinated and bumbled and rumbled out the 40 miles of very bad road to seize some weapons from, they say, a violent ex-felon known to be in, a very big deal operationally, and nothing much else was done elsewhere while this was going on. Turns out:
         He hadn't lived there for their list may be a little stale...and this cost a lot of time, pay, confidence from police and the all a very costly loss..and whoever is still out there.

    Where am I going with this?...that of course 'they aren't coming fer yer guns'...unless you are an ex-felon on their list and they have your current address...but even more specific: it is too costly to go door to door, of course there is no door to door confiscation going to happen..yet. Except for this List.

    What would happen first way before some giant operation like this would be?
    .... simply making possession of such and such scary pink or black gun to be illegal after some date, you bring it in and turn it in....or face arrest and fines and legal bills and possibly eventually a search warrant and home entry and jail time. And more legal bills. And we'll shoot yer dogs.
        After you fail to comply.
        Then you would be a criminal...and then we're coming fer yer guns.

    Unless you move.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 01:55:20 AM PDT

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