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View Diary: Backyard Picture of Mayflower AR Exxon Oil Spill (83 comments)

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  •  In terms of barring (10+ / 0-)

    All non-emergency clean-up people have been evacuated, not just news people.  Exxon and the EPA brought in huge vacuums and tanker trucks to hold what they can clean up.  Crews temporarily blocked a local lake to keep oil from getting in it.  

    All that said, a friend who lives 10 miles from the spill could smell it at her house.

    by Ozark Homesteader on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 11:57:44 PM PDT

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    •  Nothing to see here, just move along. (2+ / 0-)
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      But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, ... there are few die well that die in a battle; ... Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king that led them to it; — Shakespeare, ‘Henry V’

      by dewtx on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 05:49:56 AM PDT

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    •  FYI--if you can smell "it" then you are exposed (0+ / 0-)

      Your friend isn't just detecting the odor indicating that sludge contaminated with benzene and arsenic is in the area, she is actually breathing in the molecules. My advice to your friend is to get the hell out of there. You don't want to be breathing that carcinogenic aerosol on a regular basis.

      Where is the Bucket Brigade--Why aren't people like your friend being tutored in testing the air for pollutants? I wonder what the Parts per millions are or is it thousands in this case, since she is smelling it from 10 miles away.

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