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View Diary: Yes, There IS a Knowable Path to a House Majority: Redraw the Lines. Here's How You Can Help! (25 comments)

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    Stephen Wolf

    Michigan and Ohio are both losing population. Shouldn't Florida which is growing faster than any other state listed be the highest priority?  Why is Michigan the highest order of business?

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      hankmeister, bumiputera

      One, Florida stands to gain us fewer seats that Michigan and especially Ohio. Two, it already has the fair districts lawsuit working its way to the Dem controlled Supreme Court which hopefully will strike down the map and draw its own, and three it's the most expensive and also has the highest threshold for passage.

      With the political climate being much more favorable to Democrats in Michigan than Ohio and the fact that the Republicans there twisted the ballot language when groups tried last year I ranked it lower. Finally, Michigan already will likely have a right to work repeal amendment on the ballot in 2014 which can only help our cause with turnout.

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