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  •  Heavens to Betsy, Ross! (6+ / 0-)

    Magnanimity?  Oh really?  How about lecturing the hectoring racists on grace before pre-emptively lecturing the progressive electorate?  Where was your column decrying Mitch McConnell or Jim Demint after they pre-emptively announced that their only goal was to make sure that Obama was a failure?  Or lecturing Anton Scalia about his too-many-to-count bigoted statements from the bench?

    I could go on and seems that the right only thinks of grace and magnanimity when they get their collective asses hande to them...and not even always then!

    •  or when Cheney was cursing (0+ / 0-)

      that was a flip on the same theme. Cheney saying "FU" to Pat Leahy. When one of us curses the moralists are quick to say "how uncouth!" but when it's one of them then it's "he had so much patience. It's a wonder he was able to hold back for so long."

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