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    In my first ten sentences to one particular person, I outed myself as an ally. I just don't do that unless I've got more than a vague suspicion they're GLBT and no one else is nearby. That wasn't like me, and hours later I found myself worrying about it because it was so naturally automatic that... it just didn't make sense with the way I've been or the geographical place I'm in now.

    My default mental arguing point with myself has been convincing myself to try to stay closeted as a heteroromantic asexual rather than having to talk myself into coming out, which has NEVER been true in any other environment, period.

    And seeing as the near-crying Friday was all tangled up in that, it meant something that Oh No, I Might Say What's Really Wrong wasn't going through my mind - and there were times in the church I grew up in where I did feel the need for little white lies about personal distress. And sometimes bigger ones.

    Prayers and best wishes to those in Japan.

    by Cassandra Waites on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 09:59:22 PM PDT

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