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  •  I don't see a path for her to the nomination (1+ / 0-)
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    Under the right circumstance, she could very well be electable in MN-2. But with Obermeuller in, I just don't see how she can get the party endorsement over a much better known candidate. As for the comparison to Walz, that is fair to say he was unknown. But I was absolutely shocked he won in 06, and I was quite tuned in to politics at the time as I was an officer with the U-DFL at the time, and I was offered a full time staffer position a few days later because of the plethera of freshmen and a shortage of experienced staffers on the DFL side of the House.

    •  Fundraising will be key (0+ / 0-)

      I agree that Obermueller makes it tough, but like I said there might be the perception that he underperformed. I think there is a good chance that labor goes with Mehring (assuming she has decent positions, I honestly don't know) because Obermueller upset them in 2012.

      If Mehring can raise more money than Obermueller between now and the endorsement, she has a strong case to make. Obermueller is one of the hardest working fundraisers and maybe his numbers will be better since he is getting in early (though they weren't bad last time, just not up to expectations). Mehring has a lot of business ties that could lead to good fundraising and she can take that business experience and make a case that just like Jim Graves in CD6 being a business leader is a positive.

      This being Minnesota, I wouldn't write anything off.

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