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    I read sometimes comments toward DownstateDemocrat that sound too critic and too hard. I know not him but I feel the need this time to defend him a little.

    Now as example he has an humble answer to your comment and he really should not.

    I know not exactly about previous disputes or in the name of who are you talking, but well, this site has rulers and they are good rulers that know when they must tell to a person to stop.

    I think it would be good to let the guy posting free. His post was not bad. I feel not damage with his post. Your strong answer was worse for me. Too hard. Unnecessarily hard.

    To talk about elections is not as strong rule here. In fact. We break it sometimes and it is not bad. As example we break it when a former politician dies, when there is a scandal that affect to a former politician (like Dale Peterson recently), when we do some jokes, or in many other cases. Many times are not things directly related with concrete elections.

    I think we can enjoy all together. Not? Your last answer, a lot better for me.

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