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  •  This whole approach to the issue is flawed (2+ / 0-)
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    wwmiv, LordMike

    what makes someone moderate or not should have nothing to do with the abstraction of dw nominate scores (with 0 being perfectly moderate) and everything to do with how they stand on the issues compared to the public. With that approach, every single Republican without exception is a conservative, while every single Democrat is not a liberal. Congress as a whole and this House in particular is way to the right of the median voter on a whole range of issues and just because one might be in the middle of the chamber overall doesn't make one a moderate. That's why someone like Michaud or Walz can be a moderate or center-left without Kinzinger being the same equivalent on the right.

    When poll after poll shows the American public preferring a policy (raising the minimum wage, taxes on the rich, etc) by a massive margin, I don't care if you're in the median in the chamber, if you aren't supporting those sorts of policies (Susan Collins) you are no moderate.

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