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View Diary: Why $17 an Hour Should be the Minimum Wage (95 comments)

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    tardis10, worldlotus

    "Troll" wasn't directed to those who were trying to educate me, but to those who were just being mean and insulting --- big difference.

    The crack about "consulting a tax attorney and your local priest" was only meant as humor. I even put a smilie behind it so people like yourself wouldn't be offended.

    It seems no matter what you write, there's always someone who will take offense. That's the chance one takes when expressing an opinion. Some people (like tax experts) can be a lot more thin-skinned than me!

    Please do me a favor, and have the "Daily Kos tax pros" see this post I created

    ...and have them politely correct any errors I might have made. Thx!

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