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View Diary: Democrats searching for way to expand background checks blocked by Republican stonewalling (133 comments)

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  •  HAMMER the hell out of the GOP/NRA on BCs... (4+ / 0-)

    ...and the fact that a huge faction within their ranks refuses to allow even a VOTE on something 90% of the electorate, even including Republicans, even including nominal NRA members agree is amply needed.  Use it as a WEDGE ISSUE to gain the leverage needed in the 2014 congressional elections which simply looking at the nominal D vs R vs I and past voting history of particular areas would suggest.

    Finally, finally FINALLY the wedge social issues favor the democrats in the upcoming elections.  The one thing worth learning from the GOP is the power of wedge dynamics to overturn and alter the previous state of voter equalibrium, especially when to do so the dems will have no need of resort to the sort of shameless lying and hyperbolic distortion the GOP has employed to leverage their wedges.

    Winning in 2014 means getting a genuinely effective background check bill, rather than a toothless bill so riddled with critical exceptions (e.g. no records kept) as to be worse than worthless (because it will feed into the NRA narrative that stricter laws would be ineffective).

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