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View Diary: Texas - Calls to Action for Monday re:Medicaid Expansion (5 comments)

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  •  this is making my twitter feed blow up (6+ / 0-)
    Katherine ‏@KathTX 50m RT @GovernorPerry LOL j/k I hate the poors! RT @BOR BREAKING: Perry Announces Support for Medicaid Expansion  #txlege
    Samwise ‏@SamwiseATX 52m ~50 people rallying outside the Governor's reception room pushing Medicaid Expansion as he and Ted Cruz hold a presser just inside. #txlege
    Scott Braddock ‏@scottbraddock 48m Very difficult to hear @governorperry over the pro expansion protesters. #txlege
    PerryNoCare ‏@perrynocare 48m Folks outside press conference yelling #perrynocare
    Josh Hinkle ‏@hinklej 42m Protesters: "Perry, take the money!" Outside meeting on why TX won't take #Medicaid expansion - #txlege #KXAN_News by PhillipMartin
    Mark Wiggins ‏@MarkW_KVUE 42m Protesters so loud outside gov's doors it's difficult to hear inside press conference. GOP leadership laying out case against expansion
    Proud of my fellow Texans! (well, not Perry, Cronyn or Cruz, but the others - yeah!)

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