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View Diary: Small airports sue to keep towers open despite sequester (45 comments)

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  •  This is what ticks me off... (6+ / 0-)

    Yes, all these things hurt.  I hear (and understand) safety issues with ATC... I remember when Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controller's Strike by firing everyone.  I knew then in what direction this country was heading.

    While this -is- getting a lot of press, followed by the Border Patrol, and the release of non-violent immigrant detainees... by far the largest ruckus has been about the White House Tours cancellation.  Talk about disjointed national priorities -- they're still screaming about that!  

    Meanwhile, mothers and children are being thrown to the proverbial wolves, kids are being kicked out of Head Start, parents are being forced to make choices about whether to stay home with them, or go on to work to earn what little they can and what -- leave the toddlers to fend for themselves all day?  Where's the outcry and media attention on that?

    And hundreds of thousands of us who don't make enough now to cover what's left of the budgets we've already cut, thanks to our "extravagant" pay of $27k+  having been frozen for two years... are left trying to figure out how the hell to hang on to what we've got left with a pay cut of 20% more for the rest of the year.

    I've seen maybe a sentence or two in statement of that in some media, but nothing to really bring it home to people just WHAT that means.  Oh... I've seen what it could do to "the economy;" or to small businesses, etc.  

    But where are the many and frequent human impact stories that accompanied the shut down of the government back in Clinton's time?  Where is the "humanizing" aspect of this "Sequestration?"

    Even the never-ending articles about the White House Tours focused on how p'o'd the Repugs were, and nothing about WHO was being furloughed from those tours!

    Peons... Serfs... Wage Slaves.  We don't even rank honorable mention anymore.

    Yeah... I'm one of 'em... and I'm thoroughly ticked off... and frustrated.  As a veteran and a now dedicated civil servant, I feel betrayed and scapegoated... and, right now, scared.  

    But... maybe I've just missed those multitude of articles, eh?

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