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  •  nothing is impossible! i used to say that (3+ / 0-)
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    even jumping off the empire state building is possible - with a parachute...

    then, years ago, workers several floors down from the observation deck heard someone tapping on the outside of their office window asking them to help her get inside.  seems she'd jumped... but a gust of wind picked her upward and placed her on that ledge outside their window.

    with a broken leg and a new respect for what IS possible in life, that woman survived!  so... nothing is impossible - not if you want to make it happen and put your "mind" to it!

    looking forward to seeing more pictures of starbuck.

    oh, and the way we got past tee's separation anxiety was by my leaving him in the car - first, for a few seconds, then gaily appearing back and asking "why are you BARKing? i'm right HERE!"  - then we worked up to five minutes, wherein i always returned with something yummy (like donuts, krispy kreme, of course, etc.)  i told him before i left each time i was going "hunting" - he thought i was the lousiest hunter ever because sometimes it took HOURS before i bagged that elusive and rare "dubbel cheezburger"!  

    toady, my little black rescued half belgian groenendael/modesto streetwalker cross, was contented that i could bring "him" an entire dozen kk donuts - like the time i picked up a dozen plain and a dozen assorted... then made the mistake of running into the pet store to buy THEIR food *HA!

    when i returned with the designated food for dogs, there was toady lying in the back of our rv beside an almost totally clean box that had held the assorted donuts beside mr toad.  when my jaw stopped dropping, he slowly, languidly raised his head and said, "DON'T by leemon!  i don LAIK leemon!"  and then looked at the blob of lemon fillin left in the box.  that stinker had eaten the entire dozen donuts!

    i had to go buy another assorted dozen because tutu was glaring at him with looks that would kill, so i knew that if i didn't SHE would make him pay for eating HER share!

    after tutu crossed the bridge, toady was tee's best friend and companion until 2009, when he joined his earlier pack in streaking across the night sky.

    our furfriends - we are so lucky to share what they have to teach us, aren't we!

    starbuck reminds me of toady  -  here is his pic...
    jan 1851 toad pensive

    EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    by edrie on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 04:09:06 PM PDT

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