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View Diary: Uh-Oh Brits spill torture beans (247 comments)

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  •  They're not feckless and cowed. (0+ / 0-)

    They are complicit.  I.e., they were in on it from the beginning, the ground floor, with "enhanced interrogation."  This has been the Republicans' best defense because it always shuts up the Washington Democrats who start to complain about human rights abuses under Bush -- that the Dem leadership was kept informed of everything and did nothing.

    THAT is why there has been all this "looking forward" bullshit.  Senators like Jay Rockefeller, on the Senate Intelligence Committee, would be put in the position of having to explain the complicity of the Democratic Party in what was going on.  Because of all the turrism, you know.  Ticking time bombs, all that shit.  They bought into it, they nodded their heads, they let it happen, and they know they won't look good.

    So Cheney and Bush and all the torturers go scot free and get promotions as well.  

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