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  •  I thought it was pretty obvious that (6+ / 0-)

    the Chicago school forms the intellectual buttress for neoconservative economic domination. Or am I wrong about the Chicago Boys and Friedman's grossly immoral praise of their 'work'?

    •  you are correct (1+ / 0-)
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      Nowhere Man

      It has always been an incestuous wingnut snake orgy between the Economics Department, the Law School, and the Harris School (Public Policy) folk at U of C.

      Thankfully, the Theology and Anthropology Departments bring some balance to that place.

    •  The Koch's are giving the Chicago Boys (0+ / 0-)

      a run for their money lately:

      "The Koch brothers, whose businesses in chemicals, textiles, trading and refining bring in revenues of at least $100 billion a year, have made financial agreements with more than 150 U.S. campuses, a trend that the president of the American Association of University Professors finds very troubling. “The Koch brothers have paid tens of millions of dollars to get their point of view instilled in classrooms, amongst faculty members and in students,” Cary Nelson said. “Programs they start tend to be one point of view only.”"


      The focus on the article is the depth of their influence, specifically at FSU where they donated millions to the school's economics dept with the stipulation of having final say over all hires within the dept., openly declaring their intentions of pushing their ultra free-market agenda in every college they can buy off.

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