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  •  It Feels Like Forever & Just a Moment Ago (4+ / 0-)

    I read this entry while at work (bad idea) and here I sit, tears in my eyes: For you, for myself and perhaps mostly for another widow, my Mom. I can only imagine what you and she feel. My Mother is stoic, going through the emotions and motions - and it's a year and a half and I know, from her little oblique hints, she still hurts, bad...and she will until she doesn't.

    Thank you for opening up and I'll probably be a participant in The Grieving Room from now on, goodness knows, I need to.

    I hope you find peace somehow; "the widow" will continue to grieve and to hell with the world that will tell you when it's time to stop and the people who don't understand.

    PS - I inherited my Dad's car, a Jeep, and I feel like a sneaky teenaged thief every time I get in the thing, much like you describe. It still rocks me a year and a half later.

    •  I am so sorry for you loss, and for your mother's. (4+ / 0-)
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      Please join us; it does help to write about grief. Each time I do, the load feels a little lighter.

      I feel for you mom. We don't want to burden those we love who are already grieving, sometimes the oblique hints are all we can allow ourselves.

      I used humor with Gail. I explained, in answer to her questions, that my grief was cyclical. One day I would wake up, go about my business and be fine. The next day might be a little worse, kind of so-so. But the THIRD DAY, that one really sucked.

      It has become shorthand between us now. She knows what I mean when I say that today is a third day. She has third days herself, between losing the father she adored and losing her mobility (her dad used to say she never learned to walk, only to run).

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      by Susan Grigsby on Tue Apr 09, 2013 at 01:55:36 PM PDT

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