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  •  Hmm. Me, too, mollyd (4+ / 0-)
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    Including the inflammatory/autoimmune arthritis and cataracts forming for which I will be having the surgery in the next few months. I've really missed driving at night especially because my husband no longer drives. Believe me, we never expected we'd be taking advantage of the early-bird specials at restaurants which we always regarded as something for old folks without knowing why, but that's what we have to do for now. I have a whole new appreciation for daylight saving time.  

    Now, I'm about to turn 66 and Mr. 74135 is 72.  We lost the private insurance which was provided by the state of CA for only 7 years after Mr. 74135's early retirement at 62.  He got on Medicare, but the Cobra plan wanted almost $2K/mo just for me, so seeming fairly healthy at the beginning, I was a "self payer" until I was old enough for Medicare at about the same time Obamacare kicked in. Thus, while I never experienced Obamacare myself, I know what a relief it can be to be able to get affordable health insurance when you're over 60 and have a pre-existing condition. I'm committed to affordable coverage for all Americans regardless of age.

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