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    I'm pretty OCD, which means for me that I can focus on one thing pretty closely while others go on -- for instance, I actually prefer to work with music on; I can attend to the work and having the music in background doesn't distract me. The exception is when two things are pulling equally at my attention, like, I'm sitting at a long dinner table and there's a conversation on each side of me. When that happens, I tend to zone out and not participate in either conversation, because I can't ignore either one but I can't follow both.

    I love objects, shiny or not. It is my greatest character flaw. I come from women who love objects, of all kinds, including books, and the failure of generations of us to ever, ever get rid of anything will eventually be my undoing.

    I would have to say the winter holiday is my favorite. Christmas is not a religious holiday for me, but it's what we call the winter holiday in our culture in general. I'm okay with that because the associated cultural narrative has a lot of stories of kindness and generosity, like A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life, so it's possible to use it to shame some people into being less selfish for a while.

    But I'm bound to say that I like it almost as much for the light as for the kindness. It's at the dark time of year for a reason -- northern people put a holiday when the light started to return because that was a BFD. I love the fact that, for a month when it's really dark, everything's all lit up and full of greens and music and festive food. And shiny objects.  ;)

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